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" is an amazing site! Easily the best renovation resource I've ever come across. Congratulations and thankyou so much."

Cameron From Victoria


"I really like your website heaps! I'll look forward to your new additions during the next 12 months. I'll be using your site almost daily over this period of building my house. All the best, Mick, and thanks again for the huge effort you have put into your website."

Cheers Ken From Tasmania


"im a 3rd year apprentice chippie, but my company deals mainly with building maintenance,  so I've never had experience with frames and trusses,and decks and pergolas, your site has given me that 'on site' experience that I've been looking for.
And its good to see the site is run by a quality tradesman so I know all the techniques are correct. Very impressed by the time and patience taken in producing a top job.
look forward to watching more video's."



"Great site - Invaluable information for our current extension, and I'll revisit many times over the next months.
Thanks again,"

Bob From Victoria



On-demand streaming videos at your fingertips. That means you don't have to wait for the videos to download before watching them. Expert tips and information accompany each video.

No matter what stage of construction you're at, How To Build A House videos will help you.



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