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How to Build a House

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howtobuildahouse uses 128 Bit SSL encryption which gives

maximum protection from internet fraud.


Privacy Policy respects your individual privacy. This Privacy Policy ('Policy') embodies our commitment to its protection through adherence to fair electronic information practices. This Policy puts you, the individual, in control of how your personal information is processed. You have our promise that we will not electronically process your personal information in any way that is incompatible with this Policy.

We assure you that

• Takes reasonable precautions to protect personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

• Implements reasonable policies and procedures to ensure that personal information is kept only for the purposes for which it has been gathered;

• Uses reasonable measures to ensure that we have accurately and completely recorded the personal information you have provided; and

• Provides you reasonable access to your personal information as well as procedures for correcting or modifying that information where appropriate.

• Ensures accountability to individuals who believe that has not complied with these privacy principles.


Privacy Guaranteed will never on-sell this information to another party for any reason.

If you have any further questions regarding our usage of your personal information, please contact me personally.

Mick Sellens



Customer Information Collection collects user information when you purchase our products, register to use our forum or join a mailing list. We may use this information to periodically notify our users about new products and offers etc. The information we collect will not be used for any other purpose, unless we are required to do so by law or for the purpose of investigation of credit card fraud or the purpose of investigation of illegal distribution of our products.



Online Transaction Information may share information regarding purchases with payment gateways for the express purpose of completing a transaction or verifying that a transaction is not fraudulent. In each case these companies do not share or resell private information for any purpose outside of completing the transaction.



Refund Policy

You may cancel your registration at any time, however refunds or credits will only be given in certain circumstances

and must be requested in writing.


Logon Name and Password Confidentiality and Liability

It is the responsibility of the customer to protect and authorise the use of login names and passwords. will not and cannot take responsibility for customer login names and password protection and use. Account customers are liable to pay all monies outstanding from the purchase of goods on their account by any person that used their user name or password. Therefore, in the unlikely event that you receive an order fraudulently placed on your account, please inform the staff at immediately. may add to, delete or otherwise change these terms and conditions without notice. It is the responsibility of the customer to read and understand these terms and conditions prior to each monthly payment.

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